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Academic Writings

The Buddhist Yokai 

Spring 2022
Yōkai: Monsters and the Monstrous in Japanese History

A paper describing the manner in which Buddhism influenced ancient and medieval Japanese ideas about spirits, both malevolent and benevolent. Also examines how the Buddhist cosmology and doctrine affected people’s perceptions about the supernatural and supernormal. The paper also delves into Buddhism's relation to previous “Shinto” beliefs and how Buddhism relates to yokai.

Love, Death, and Moral Standards 

Winter 2022
Murder Most Foul

A review of Showtime's Dexter that examines how the titular character exists as a morally gray protagonist. Dexter, while a serial killer, is nonetheless the character the audience roots for. This review specifically focuses on the show's first season. 

Bread of Heaven, Cup of Salvation

Summer 2021
World Religions

A paper covering the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops vote to draft new guidelines concerning who is capable of receiving the eucharist. The proposed doctrines could bar Catholic politicians whose views do not align completely with the church from receiving communion. The paper focuses on then President Joe Biden, who was a practicing Catholic. 

I Don't Feel-Good

Fall 2020
Mass Media Ethics

A critique of feel-good news stories that involve individuals or communities fixing a problem. These articles often ignore the systemic issues that create these problems in the first place.

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