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Audio Work

The Sedgwick County ZooCast

As the Communications Coordinator at the Sedgwick County Zoo, I am the host and producer of Zoo's podcast. Twice a month, on the first and fifteenth, we release a new episode. I sit down with a zookeeper, animal specialist, or other zoo professional and discuss what's new at the zoo. Bonus episodes are published not published on a regular schedule and focus on a minute aspect of zoo life. 

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The Horror of Childhood

In my Feature Writing course, we were tasked with creating oral histories on a topic of our choosing. As a lifelong horror fan, I chose to investigate horror books for children. I spoke with librarians, childrens' authors, teachers, and peers who loved horror as kids. 

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Klipsun Out Loud

As a staff writer with Klipsun Magazine, I was able to create a multimedia project to pair with a longform written piece I had created. "Horror with a Side of Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti" examines 1991's The Silence of the Lambs, one of only three films to ever sweep at the Oscars, and the only horror movie to ever win Best Picture. 

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In spring 2021, I was able to participate in CMPR.22c, a collaborative audio project that brought writers, audio editors, and actors from around the country together to tell a story. I was the recording voice for Decade 7. 

From the site: "CMPFR.22c is a collaborative storytelling project of speculative fiction, an episodic future history crossing genres and generations — stories told around the campfire where humans have gathered over thousands of years to share our experience, our wisdom, our hopes, and our fears."

The ForeFront Podcast

In spring 2021, The Western Front started a new podcast called The ForeFront. I worked as an Assistant Producer for the podcast's first 10 weeks. I collected audio for the podcast, assisted in editing, and recorded segments. I also created transcripts for the first four episodes. 


Audio Books

In spring 2020, I began producing audio books through acx. I have since produced three audiobooks. 

As someone who has always enjoyed reading and acting, I find narrating audiobooks to be a fun combination of the two.


For two years, I was a volunteer with KUGS FM Bellingham. As a volunteer with the radio station, I hosted two specialty shows.

Burgundy Street, a jazz and swing show, and Theatre? I Hardly Know Her! a showtunes and soundtrack show.

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