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Graphic Design

Interviews with the Vampires 2.png

The Vampire Tapes

For my capstone project, I interviewed vampires. The Vampire Tapes is a five part series consisting of conversations with individuals who identify with the term "vampiric."

Klipsun Multimedia

From January to June of 2022 I served as the Multimedia Editor for Klipsun Magazine for the "Passion" and "Candid" editions. I was responsible for running the publication's social media, publishing articles through Medium, and assisting staff writers with their multimedia projects. 



Many of my courses have given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of web design. Through hands-on exercises and projects, I've improved my knowledge of web-design and my eye for aesthetically appealing layouts. 

The Narrative of Lil Nas X

Throughout the fall of 2021, I completed research on Lil Nas X and the way he was covered by five different pop culture outlets in the months leading up to and following the release of his debut album MONTERO. 

The project served as my thesis for Senior Seminar, and to date is the most stressful and most rewarding assignment I have completed. 

SHB Logo.fw.png

Student Honors Board

As the Vice President of Student Engagement, I designed all of the posters for events put on by the Student Honors Board at the Honors College for Western Washington University. I also managed our Instagram, designing posts and stories to drive student engagement and attendance at our events. 

The Allure of the Vampire

In winter, 2021, the final assignment in my Editing class was to design a magazine spread. The prompt was to:

"Create a magazine spread featuring a single story and photos you find on your own. Edit one lengthy story and create accompanying elements to fill two to five facing 8.5 by 11-inch pages designed for publication in a magazine. Write and original headline (and deck) and create an original infographic that helps explain the story visually. No part of the story will be jumped to pages you have not laid out. Design the pages using what you have learned about visual hierarchy, balance, color, white space, fonts, and spacing."

I used "On Valentine's Day, we dare to ask it: why are vampires sexy?" written by Jim Beckerman for as the basis for my project. 

teeth red.jfif


In April 2020, I began designing merchandise for sale on Redbubble. I make all the designs myself and have received more than 9.9K favorites and 2.2K sales from all across the world.

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