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Sedgwick County Zoo

As the Communications Coordinator at the Sedgwick County Zoo, I was responsible for keeping our Zoo Blog updated. The stories focused on the zoo animals and strived to not only educate the public, but spark an interest in the zoo. 

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As a journalism major, the opportunity to report on current events is constant. Whether it's covering a change in school policy, an upcoming theatre performance, or the opening of a restaurant, I keep my ear to the ground and my finger on the pulse. My favorite pieces are the few long-form feature stories I've been able to write. 

Academic Writings

As stressful as academic writing can be, I always enjoy the opportunity to take a deep dive into a topic and examine it from multiple angles. Crafting academic papers can be challenging, but it's always satisfying when I can showcase something new I've learned and expand my knowledge on a topic. 


Creative Writing

Although I primarily do journalistic or academic writing these days, I have a brief history with creative writing. Should inspiration strike again, it's something I'd like to one day return to. But until then, I'm content with my brief foray into it. 

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