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Site Projects

Taylor's Version

In winter 2021, for my editing class, we were assigned the following: 

Design a webpage that features a single story you find on your own. Use a website creation platform to layout your story and all the visual elements. Include a URL to the original publication and make your design original and unique. Come up with your own headline and deckhead, don't use the published version.

I chose to do my project on Billboard's covering of Taylor Swift's re-recording of Love Story off of her album Fearless (Taylor's Version). 

The Bad Boyz of Journalism

In summer 2020, for my history of journalism class, we were assigned the following: 

I have replaced a final paper or final exam with a research blog. You will create a “dream team” composed of a publisher, reporter, photographer, and wild card, whom you get to hire and who must have been discussed in your text. These individuals must cross time periods. 

I chose to take a different approach to the project and create a "nightmare team" composed of individuals known for their lack of ethics and credibility in journalism's history. 

Eras of the Vampire

In spring of 2019, I was required to make a website based on the research project I had selected for my English 101 class.  I had chosen to do my project on depictions of the vampire from the early 20th century to current day.

The website includes information on how the portrayal has changed over the years, as well as surveys which show how people perceive vampires in media. The website also has an interactive "choose your own adventure" section which shows how vampiric stories play out based on the tropes of different eras. 

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